Monday, July 17, 2017

November Internationals Come Into Focus For Eagles

With their summer series behind them and qualification for the World Cup secured the Eagles can look to the next step. First will be landing a coach but after that will be focusing on the Americas Pacific Challenge and the fall internationals. So far reports out of both Georgia and Germany have confirmed that the U.S. will make a trip to both countries. The U.S. will play Georgia in Tbilisi on November 11th, which is the first full week of the November test series. It will be the second time in a year the U.S. has played Georgia. They lost to the Lelos in Atlanta during the summer series.

After that the U.S. will take on Germany in a location to be determined but probably in Germany.  This is an interesting match for the Eagles. They will be heavy favorites to come away with the win. That could be a boost from a confidence perspective and could allow the new coach to get younger players some experience but at the same time it isn't really the challenge you'd want as you get ready for the World Cup. Playing Germany would be nice as a fourth match of the fall but when you don't control the money you only have so many options.

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That leaves a third opponent still to be determined in the final week. One name still without an opponent for that week is Fiji. They will take on Italy and Ireland and it's highly likely they get a Tier II opponent in the last week. The possibilities include the U.S., Uruguay, Spain, Russia, and Namibia. Given past histories it just makes sense that the U.S. and Fiji face off. It's possible the U.S. could play a team like Uruguay or Russia but that seems unlikely.

It is also very unlikely that the U.S. plays a fourth test in November. There have not been talks of a big name opponent visiting the States.

Nov. 11--Georgia (in Georgia)
Nov. 18--Germany (TBA)
Nov. 25--TBA


  1. Not a bad November tour. Fiji are capable of playing some good rugby (see their victory over Australia). Georgia will be a Stern test for the scrum. Germany is the unknown, but they beat Uruguay recently. Overall, not a bad tour. If we want games, we should play Canada during the first week of November. We should be playing Canada at least twice annually.

  2. I would like to see one game in the USA.
    Canada has name value but playing them a third time in the year? Unlikely.
    Would Fiji come here?
    If so, where? This date is rather late in the year.
    A big stadium like Soldier Field would be unlikely, as we couldn't expect to fill it against Fiji.

  3. Nah, Fiji will be at a neutral venue in Europe somewhere since both teams will already be on the continent.