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Match Commentary: USA vs. Canada

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The Eagles finish their World Cup qualifying series today against Canada in Hamilton, Ontario. The Rugby Channel has the action live.

Our preview of the match can be found here.

USA Line-up

Forwards: Tony Purpura, James Hilterbrand, Chris Baumann, Nate Brakeley, Nick Civetta, Todd Clever, Tony Lamborn, Cam Dolan; Backs: Nate Augspurger, AJ MacGinty, Ryan Matyas, Marcel Brache, Bryce Campbell, Mike Te'o, Madison Hughes; Bench: Joe Taufete'e, Ben Tarr, Dino Waldren, David Tameilau, John Quill, Andrew Durutalo, Shaun Davies, Will Magie

Canada Line-up

Forwards: Djustice Sears-Duru, Ray Barkwill, Jake Ilnicki, Brett Beukeboom, Evan Olmstead, Admir Cejvanovic, Matt Heaton, Tyler Ardron; Backs: Gord McRorie, Shane O'Leary, Dan Moor, Connor Braid, Nick Blevins, Andrew Coe, Ciaran Hearn; Bench: Benoit Piffero, Anthony Luca, Matt Tierney, Kyle Baillie, Aaron Carpenter, Andrew Ferguson, Giuseppe Du Toit, Sean Duke

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Pre-game: A big blow for Canada before the match as DTH van der Merwe and Taylor Paris are not able to go today. Both were huge factors last week.
Pre-game: Also just to note that today is Canada's 150th birthday. You can bet they will be jazzed up when the anthem rings.
Pre-game: Anthems up!
0: We're underway!
2: Eagles with a lot of good possession in attacking territory for the first two minutes but it's knocked on.
4: First scrum goes to Canada as they earn the penalty.
5: Canada called for a high tackle after they box kick it down the pitch. The U.S. will have a good lineout chance.
7: Canada defense holds firm and pushes the U.S. into touch. Baumann down injured.
9: Try Dolan!!! MacGinty makes the initial break, looping pass to Matyas, who passes inside to Campbell, to Dolan for the score. MacGinty's conversion is no good. 5-0. Dino Waldren is on for Baumann.
12: Canada have had very little of the ball so far. They also haven't had possession out of their own half.
14: Canada have had very little of the ball so far. They also haven't had possession out of their own half. It was preceded by a better scrum from the Eagles. The scrum staying solid helped the Eagles on that one to start things out. MacGinty's conversion is good. 12-0.
18: The Eagles are pinged at the breakdown. McRorie will go for the posts. It's good. 12-3.
20: Nate Brakeley try!!! He takes the feed on a great line and is in easily. Dolan made the break. Have to say that Canada's defense is poor. MacGinty's conversion is good. The Eagles are up 19-0 with a quarter of the match gone.
23: U.S. pinged for another penalty. Canada are going for the 5m lineout.
25: Canada are within inches of the line but the U.S. defense holds firm and Canada make a mess of it going out to their backs.
27: It's just not Canada's day so far. Hearn knocks it on from what should have been an easy catch.
31: U.S. called for not rolling away. McRorie's penalty is up and good. 19-6.
36: A huge hit from Civetta on McRorie jars the bar loose but the referee said it was a knock on. from Civetta.
39: Canada are putting the screws into the U.S. at scrum time. U.S. will have to change something or get a card.
40+: Canada go with their maul and get a penalty. Tony Lamborn also given a yellow. They are going for the posts. McRorie's kick is good. 19-9 at halftime.
40: Second half underway and Canada are immediately in through Admir Cejvanovic! McRorie's conversion is good. Perfect start for Canada to the half. 19-16. Ben Tarr on for Tony Purpura.
43: Canada find some room out wide once again but are put into touch five meters short. Danger signs galore for the Eagles.
45: Ref is going to the TMO to see if MacGinty was tackled improperly.  Not a card but a penalty. Eagles going for the corner.
47: Eagles try a maul on the lineout and even the back help out but it's a scrum to Canada.
50: U.S. with another lengthy spell in good position but Canada win the turnover. Canada's defense has stepped up. Joe Taufete'e on for Hilterbrand.
51: Nick Civetta off for David Tameilau. Lamborn back on.
53: Ref once again goes to the TMO and once again gives the U.S. a penalty.
54: Try Eagles! It looks like Taufete'e gets that one off the maul. Credit goes to the TMO on that one. MacGinty's conversion is good. 26-16.
56: Andrew Durutalo is on for Nate Brakeley. Dolan and Tameilau are the locks.
58: Subs are bringing energy for the Eagles. Penalty on Canada. U.S. are going for the corner.
60: Penalty on Canada and Tyler Ardron is going to the bin. Eagles going for the corner again.
60: Try! It's Taufete'e again on the maul. Huge, huge score for the Eagles. MacGinty's conversion is good. 33-16.
61: Clever is off for John Quill. That's a wrap on his illustrious international career.
63: Try Augspurger!! Matyas makes the initial run before passing to Augspurger. That should do it barring something really crazy. MacGinty's conversion is good. 40-16.
66: Another try! Dino Waldren piles over for the score. Handbags afterward. The Eagles are going to win the game. Conversion good. 47-16. Bonus Clever time as he'll come back on to finish the match. Lamborn off.
71: Durutalo with another big break for the Eagles but it's knocked on. The subs have made a big difference in the half.
72: Will Magie on for AJ MacGinty and Shaun Davies on for Augspurger.
77: U.S. applying pressure once again with just a couple of minutes to go.
78: The Eagles are in one last time. Tameilau picks that one up. Magie's conversion is no good. 52-16.
80: Full-time the Eagles have qualified for the World Cup.

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