Friday, July 21, 2017

Eagles Confirm APC, November Tests

U.S.A. Rugby has confirmed what we passed along earlier in the week that the Eagles will take on Germany and Georgia in their November test series. The U.S. will play Germany in Frankfurt on November 18th and then Georgia in Tbilisi on November 25th. TIAR has been able to confirm that there will only be two November matches rather than the traditional three.

The match against Germany could be an interested one for the Americans. There are several U.S. military bases near the area and that could mean a large turnout of American support. It will also be interesting in that the U.S. will face a German team that could pose problems but one in which the U.S. should beat relatively easily. The match in Georgia will, as always, be difficult.

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The U.S.A. Selects are also headed back to the Americas Pacific Challenge in October in Uruguay. Those matches will be held on October 7th, 11th, and 15th with the opponents to be determined but it's very likely that Canada, Uruguay, the U.S., Argentina, and two of Fiji, Samoa, or Tonga will participate. This follows the College All-Americans match against Oxford. The idea is to have developmental players play for the All-Americans, the APC, and then potentially the Eagles.

With the U.S. only having two November matches and one of those coming against a team they should easily beat there will be some questions about who will be on the squad.  The U.S. will be under a new coach by that point and it could be an opportunity to let some new players get a chance. At the same time, the U.S., because of so many injuries this summer, will have gone nearly a year without their top team assembled. Even though they qualified for the World Cup they need as many matches together with the first team as possible before 2019. It's very possible that the top team gets called in to play both Germany and Georgia.

With all of that in mind it's looking like the ARC and next summer's matches could be the most crucial for the U.S. in terms of their top team. They may create some good will with clubs in Europe if they don't bring in the likes of Samu Manoa for the match against Germany which could then in turn lead to more availability for the ARC and next summer.

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