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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Club 7s Nationals: Who's In?

There are just a few spots left in the men's and women's tournaments at the Club 7s Nationals. Just the Pacific North and Midwest have to decide who heads to Minneapolis. On the men's side Pools A and C and booked. Pool A looks particularly impressive with Rugby Utah, Bulldog, Beltway Elite, and the Austin Hun.

Pool C has the Denver Barbarians, Belmont Shore, Charlotte, and Schuylkill River. Pool B has just Old Blue and the Dallas Reds so far. They will be joined by the second teams from the Midwest and Pacific North. That likely means either Life West or Seattle. Pool D is also missing teams from the Midwest and Pacific North but has Santa Monica and Optimus.

On the women's side it's a similar scenario. Pools B and C are complete. Typically there are more lopsided pools in the women's bracket. Right now Scion, New York, the ARPTC, and San Diego look strong.

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Pool A: Rugby Utah (Frontier #1), Bulldog (Frontier #2), Beltway Elite (Mid-Atlantic #1), Austin Huns (Red River #2)
Pool B: Old Blue (Atlantic North #1), Midwest #2, Dallas Reds (Red River #1), Pacific North #2
Pool C: Denver Barbarians (Frontier #2), Belmont Shore (Pacific South #1), Charlotte (South #1), Schuylkill River #2)
Pool D: Midwest #1, Pacific North #1, Santa Monica (Pacific South #2), Optimus (South #2)


Pool A: Scion (Mid-Atlantic #1), Pacific North #2, Glendale Raptors (Frontier #1), Tempe Ninjas (Pacific South #2)
Pool B: New York (Atlantic North #1), Philadelphia (Mid-Atlantic #3), Chicago Lions (Midwest #1), Austin Valkyries (Red River #2)
Pool C: ARPTC (Red River #1), San Diego Surfers (Pacific South #1), Atlanta Harlequins (South #2), Beantown (Atlantic North #2)
Pool D: Pacific North #1, NOVA (Mid-Atlantic #2), Orlando (South #1), Midwest #2

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