Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Americans On The Move In Ireland

Ireland has always been a good destination for Americans looking for an opportunity abroad. A combination of welcoming clubs, deep rosters, and the opportunity to study have always made it attractive. Once again the upcoming season will see several players playing in the various levels.

Trinity (Dublin University) kept their spot in the top league, Division 1A, for the season and will have a number of Americans on their roster. Arguably the most recognizable name for fans will be Kevin O'Connor from St. Mary's. The former Gaels captain is doing a Masters degree at Trinity. Alex McDonald, who played second row at Life, and Liam Smith from Mystic River will also be on the team. Smith is a freshman. Also on the squad is Will Ben Sims who is a former All-American entering his fourth year.

Tim Maupin and Pierce Dargan have both left Trinity. Maupin has moved to St. Mary's College in Dublin. They also play in Division 1A. Pierce Dargan has graduated from Trinity and now plays for Old Belvedere in Division 1B. Other Americans that have left Trinity in the past to go on to success include Scott LaValla and Conor Kearns.

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