Saturday, June 3, 2017

Women's CRC Day One Recap

As expected Lindenwood, Life, Penn State, and Dartmouth have all been dominant on day one of the women's CRC. Each team topped their group and did it in style with a number of blowout wins. All four teams enter tomorrow's quarterfinals as the top seeds and heavy favorites to make it to the semi-finals. They will be joined by Navy, Bloomsburg, Kutztown, and the NSCRO All-Stars.

As mentioned, Lindenwood was in total control in Pool A. They only had one try scored against them all day while never scoring less than 36. Second place in the pool came down to Navy vs. Notre Dame in the last match of the day for both teams. Navy won that match 15-10 to advance. In Pool A, Life did haven't a point scored against them all day while Bloomsburg took second place. Pool C went to Penn State with Kutztown beating out Drexel for second place. Pool D was won by Dartmouth while the NSCRO All-Stars took second.

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The quarterfinals will be Life vs. Navy, Penn State vs. Bloomsburg, Lindenwood vs. Kutztown, and Dartmouth vs. the NSCRO All-Stars.

Pool A: Lindenwood, Navy, Notre Dame, Northeastern

Navy 21-12 Northeastern
Lindenwood 43-0 Notre Dame
Notre Dame 31-12 Northeastern
Lindenwood 36-0 Navy
Lindenwood 39-7 Northeastern
Navy 15-10 Notre Dame

Pool B: Life, Clemson, Indiana, Bloomsburg

Life 64-0 Clemson
Clemson 24-7 Indiana
Life 43-0 Bloomsburg
Bloomsburg 29-0 Indiana
Life 82-0 Indiana
Bloomsburgh 24-7 Clemson

Pool C: Penn State, Drexel, North Carolina, Kutztown

Penn State 64-0 North Carolina
Drexel 22-10 North Carolina
Penn State 35-5 Kutztown
Kutztown 22-10 Drexel
Penn State 60-5 Drexel
Kutztown 27-5 North Carolina

Pool D: Temple, Dartmouth, NSCRO, Delaware

Temple 26-5 Delaware
Dartmouth 24-7 NSCRO
Dartmouth 27-5 Delaware
NSCRO 34-0 Temple
NSCRO 39-5 Delaware
Dartmouth 24-0 Temple

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