Monday, June 19, 2017

Women Eagles Selected For Clermont 7s

Eagles head coach Richie Walker has selected his core group of players with couple of young college players thrown in ahead of the Clermont 7s next weekend. The likes of Cheta Emba, Nana Fa'avesi, Nicole Heavirland, Alev Kelter, and Naya Tapper are all back. Joining the team is Penn State's Tess Feury and Lindenwood's Natalie Kosko. Sara Parsons, who is in the Eagles World Cup player pool, will be on the team as well. The bulk of the team will turn to 15s duty after the Clermont 7s.

The Eagles currently sit sixth in the standings heading into the final weekend. They can catch Russia for fourth if things go their way but they need a big tournament to make that happen. They have had some big tournaments this year so it's possible. They are set to play Ireland, Japan, and New Zealand. It's a group that should see them into the quarterfinals but also comes with some trip-ups.

Squad: Cheta Emba, Nana Fa'avesi, Sara Parsons, Nicole Heavirland, Ryan Carlyle, Mata Hingano, Jessica Javelet, Ashley Perry, Natalie Kosko, Tess Feury, Alev Kelter, Naya Tapper

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