Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Western Club 7s Nationals Qualifier Schedules

The 7s season is heating up across America. Already there have been a number of non-qualifier tournaments and no things get even busier with qualifying starting this weekend. To make things easier to follow we though we'd put together a list of qualifying tournaments for teams west of the Mississippi (we'll do the East later today).  Each region traditionally gets two teams into the Club 7s Nationals with a few exceptions. Hawaii has in the past been given a spot to themselves.


Denver 7s--June 24th
Kansas City--July 8th
Lincoln, NE--July 22nd

Red River

Bloodfest 7s--June 17th
Tornado Alley 7s--June 24th
Space City 7s--July 8th
Cowtown 7s--July 22nd

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Pacific South

OMBAC 7s--June 17th
Orange County 7s--June 24th
Belmont Shore 7s--July 15th
Santa Monica 7s--July 22nd

Pacific North

Pacific North Qualifier--July 29th (Tacoma, WA)
  • The top four teams from NorCal and the top four teams from the Pacific Northwest.

Silicon Valley 7s--July 8th
SFGG 7s--July 15th

Pacific Northwest

Salem 7s--June 17th
CanAm 7s--July 8th
Roy Lucas 7s--July 15th

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