Monday, June 19, 2017

USA vs. Georgia: Eagles Player Grades

Photo: Cody Schmelter

Our grades are in for the Eagles after their match against Georgia. It was a tough one to grade. On the one hand the Eagles were dominated in certain areas of the game, namely the scrum. On the other hand they were able to find an offensive groove and had a chance to win.

Mike Te'o, 80 minutes (6): Overall it was a decent performance from Te'o. He had a couple of opportunities to break the gainline and his danger running can't be underestimated. However, there were some defensive lapses and he still hasn't done enough to put a permanent stamp on the jersey.

Matai Leuta, 80 minutes (6): After being a late call-up to the squad Leuta got the start on Saturday and played decently. The wings didn't see a lot of action on the day but Leuta had a couple of nice moments.

Bryce Campbell, 71 minutes (6): We thought that Campbell quietly had one of the better matches among the U.S. players. His physicality was key at times and he was one of the better players at making meters.

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AJ MacGinty, 80 minutes (5.5): It was an odd day out for MacGinty. He helped the Eagles offense get going and his kicking was strong but he also dropped a lot of ball. Much of that has to do with not receiving great passes but that doesn't completely exonerate him. The move to 12 can work out and had good moments but it too often leaves him out of position to make more happen.

Nate Augspurger, 80 minutes (5.5): When he was on the wing Augspurger did some things well but also made mistakes, especially in receiving kicked ball. We thought he was much more effective when he moved back to scrumhalf. The Eagles offense started clicking at that point.

Will Magie, 59 minutes (5): Not the best match for Magie. We think that maybe a swap with MacGinty where MacGinty plays 10 and Magie plays 12 would have been better. Magie makes nice passes but didn't control the game as much as he could have.

Shaun Davies, 55 minutes (5):  After coming on last week and making a difference we thought it was a step back for Davies this last week. Like the rest of the backs there wasn't a lot he could do when Georgia dominated the scrum.

Cam Dolan, 54 minutes (5.5): Coming back from injury we though Dolan was okay in this 54 minutes. It was the same sort of impact we've seen from Dolan in the past but that's to be expected after a long layoff and against a very physical Georgia side.

Tony Lamborn, 80 minutes (6): Like the rest of the forwards Lamborn had to do a lot of hard work tackling the enormous Georgian players. His fitness is excellent and he had the same effort in minute 80 and minute 1. That said, he needs to find some sort of edge on offense to help the side.

Todd Clever, 64 minutes (6): A fairly quiet effort from Clever. Tackling all match will do that. As a captain we thought he did a good job communicating with the referee and probably bought the Eagles some extra time before receiving a card.

Ben Landry, 80 minutes (6): This is the first time we've seen Landry for a while after his stint in football. We thought he had a good day, particularly in the lineout. His athleticism is good for the side and he makes smart decisions.

Nate Brakeley, 80 minutes (6.5): We'd be interested to see how many tackles Brakeley committed because it has to be a lot. It seems like nearly every time a Georgian player was tackled Brakeley was in the middle of it. The lineout also worked well.

Chris Baumann, 40 minutes (4): It was a not a good day for Baumann or for the front-row. Baumann was maybe a little unlucky to be given a yellow card but someone on the front-row was going to be sent to the bin for repeatedly folding against the Georgian scrum. Overall it was a pretty disappointing performance.

James Hilterbrand, 59 minutes (5): The lineout worked well which bumps Hilterbrand up some but with the scrum struggling so much it's hard to give him a higher grade.

Tony Purpura, 50 minutes (4): See Baumann except for the yellow card.


Dino Waldren, 40 minutes (4): Waldren had the tough task of coming in as a front-row replacement. The good news is that there weren't as many scrums in the second half. Tough day for the young prop.

Ben Tarr, 30 minutes (4):  See Waldren.

Andrew Durutalo, 26 minutes (7): Durutalo once again came off the bench and made an impact. He is a leader on the team purely in his effort. The breakdown improved when he came in and the Eagles had a strong running threat.

Marche Brache, 25 minutes (6.5): After coming on Brache had some nice runs, in particular when the Eagles were close to the line.

Ryan Matyas, 21 minutes (6.5): We thought that Matyas had a great match. His effort near the end of the match to win a penalty was a main reason why the Eagles had a chance to win the match. A super-sub role fits him.

Peter Malcolm, 21 minutes (5): The lineout kept working when Malcolm came on but he experienced the same issues in the scrum.

Matt Jensen, 16 minutes (6.5): Jensen had a pretty good match topped off by his try. He deserves a lot of credit for being in the right spot and the right time on that one.

Ben Cima, 9 minutes (6): Cima's pass to Jensen is exactly what the Eagles need from Cima. He didn't have a lot of time to make an impact but that pass did it. 

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  1. Clever was definitely an 8, he had to line up in the open-side way too much.