Monday, June 19, 2017

South Panthers Advance To RAN Championship

The South Panthers received some very positive news over the weekend. In a dramatic turn of events the Panthers have topped their pool and will face off for the Rugby Americas Rugby Championship on July 1st. The Panthers seemed all but out of contention after their loss to Mexico a couple of weeks back. However, a stunning 39-17 win for the Cayman Islands over Mexico combined with a Bermuda forfeit to the Panthers put the South over Mexico in the standings. Now the Panthers will take on South Area champions Guyana.

Because the match will take place in Providence, Guyana the team is needing to fundraise in a short amount of time to get there. Here is the release from the team:

USA Rugby South must raise $30,000 in one week's time to help send the current USA Rugby South Panthers men's team to Guyana for a chance to win a World Rugby Championship Trophy.
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Worldwide, USA Rugby South is the only non-national team to accomplish this feat in 2013 and another group of deserving men have a chance to accomplish that goal in 2017.

If this organization is somehow important to you, please consider making a tax-exempt gift.

If 300 of our closest friends send a tax exempt gift of $100 to the USA Rugby South Panthers Foundation, this goal will be accomplished. Of course, any help is vitally important so please use this link to help accomplish this goal.

Panther Foundation Donation

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