Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Psalm Wooching Plays World Cup 10s With Harlequins

Psalm Wooching got another taste of professional rugby over the weekend as he played with the Harlequins at the World Cup 10s in Mauritius. Wooching was apparently a solid component of the Harlequins side. Unfortunately the team didn't do as well as they would have liked in the tournament. The results were close but the team only picked up one win on day one. First up was the Kubota Spears who prevailed over the Harlequins 12-5. Their only win of the day came in match two where they beat the Asia Pacific Dragons 14-10. Adrian Strauss was the captain of the Dragons. The day finished with a 24-7 loss to the Western Force.

All eight teams playing in the top division made it to the quarterfinals and while it was close the Harlequins lost to the Brumbies 24-17. That moved them to the Shield semi-finals where they once again faced the Kubota Spears but lost 13-10. Depending on how the Harlequins view his performance it could lead to more opportunities for Wooching. Teams are obviously drawn to his athleticism and with more time getting back into the swing of rugby can be a real asset.


  1. Just keep taking the opportunities and working. Something will stick. He's got the athleticism and some rugby IQ, so it won't be too long. Now if we could get Nate Ebner back into the fold for 7s and/or XV's. His contract with the Patriots is up next Spring. Maybe he jumps back into rugby after making a few million in the NFL. One can hope!