Monday, June 12, 2017

Opening Kick

Opening Kick is a segment devoted to bringing you all Eagles and U.S.A. Rugby news in one location. It is brought to you everyday by Rugby Marketplace, your independent rugby store

National Teams/MLR/ODAs:

A younger Eagles line-up found it tough going against the Ireland on Saturday falling by a large margin.

After the match Ryan Trost caught up with the Eagles and Ireland for interviews.

If you missed the match you can get caught up with our match commentary.

Pat Clifton has a Q&A with David Niu, the head of Super 7s.

Americans in Europe recently the draw for the European Champions Cup and European Challenge Cup.

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Rugby Wrap Up sat down with some stakeholders to talk about American rugby.


The Scholz and Sorensen awards ceremony was held over the weekend.


South Africa will move up in the World Rugby rankings while Scotland move down.

Planet Rugby looks at who's hot and who's not. 

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