Saturday, June 17, 2017

Match Commentary: Eagles vs. Georgia

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The Eagles face a big test against Georgia today. Live on The Rugby Channel.

USA Line-up 

Forwards: Tony Purpura, James Hilterbrand, Chris Baumann, Nate Brakeley, Ben Landry, Todd Clever (C), Tony Lamborn, Cam Dolan; Backs: Shaun Davies, Will Magie, Nate Augspurger, AJ MacGinty, Bryce Campbell, Matai Leuta, Mike Te'o; Bench: Peter Malcolm, Ben Tarr, Dino Waldren, Matt Jensen, Andrew Durutalo, Ben Cima, Marcel Brache, Ryan Matyas

Georgia Line-up

Forwards: Mikheil Nariashvili, Jaba Bregvadze, Levan Chilachava, Giorgi Nemsadze, Kote Mikautadze, Lasha Lomidze, Vito Kolelishvili, Beka Bitsadze; Backs: Vasil Lobzhanidze, Lasha Khmaladze, Sandro Todua, Merab Sharikadze (C), Davit Katcharava, Giorgi Koshadze, Merab Kvirikashvili; Bench: Shalva Mamukashvili, Tomike Mataradze, Soso Bekoshvili, Giorgi Chkhaidze, Otar Giorgadze, Giorgi Tsutskiridze, Lasha Malaghuradze, Giorgi Begadze

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Pre-game: This is a big one for the Eagles.
Pre-game: Anthems underway.
0: We're underway!
2: First scrum and it's a decent one for the Eagles. They have the go forward early.
4: Kicking game between the two teams early. No much gained from either team. U.S. lineout at halftime.
7: Georgia are slowly winning the territory battle despite a U.S. turnover win at the lineout.
10: The Eagles make a mistake on their passing. They recover but MacGinty's chip is taken by Merab Kvirikashvili in for the try. Not a great sequence from the Eagles basic skills let them down there. Conversion off. 5-0.
11: The U.S. get a very kickable penalty but they go for the corner instead.
12: Matai Leuta breaks the line and comes close to the line but the Eagles concede a penalty for hands in the ruck. Big letdown there.
16: Penalty on Georgia. The U.S. are going for the points this time. MacGinty will have a kick straight on from 30 meters. MacGinty's kick is good. 5-3.
21: U.S. now guilty of a penalty, this one for offside (twice). Georgia will have a shot at goal. Kvirikashvili's kick is good. Georgia move ahead 8-3.
23: Passing is really letting the Eagles down right now, especially in the backs.
25: The U.S. concede a penalty in the scrum. Only three scrums so far. Baumann called for pulling down.
27: Clever pinged for a late tackle and Georgia will have another shot. This one should be automatic.  Kvirikashvili's kick is good.Georgia now in front 11-3 with 27 minutes played.
28: Yet another dropped pass. Georgia aren't doing much more than letting the U.S. make a mistake and then taking the opportunity.
32: Georgia have their first long spell of possession but the U.S. win it back and kick it deep.
34: The U.S. is getting a talking to for the scrum. The last few have collapsed. U.S. get crumbled again at the scrum. Referee warns Clever that a card may be coming soon.
37: Georgia with another spell of good possession. However, they haven't been good on offense and the Eagles recover.
39: The chip nearly has the Georgian wing in but it's knocked on. Good defense from the Eagles to prevent that try.
39: MacGinty is called for a high tackle. That's not what the U.S. wanted. Georgia pick the scrum.
40+: Another penalty on the scrum for the Eagles. Purpura popped up. Georgia will scrum again. Yet another penalty. They are going to give a yellow to Chris Baumann. Dino Waldren on for Matai Leuta to add a front-row replacement. There's the penalty try. Everyone knew that was coming. The conversion is automatic. Halftime: Georgia 18-3 Eagles.
40: The second half is underway!
42: No arms tackle on Dino Waldren. Georgia nail the easy kick in front of the posts. Just reward for a bright start to the half. 21-3.
44: A combination of knock-ons from poor passing/handling is gifting Georgia scrum opportunities.
46: Another scrum penalty on the Eagles. Rather than another scrum Georgia go for the posts. It's no good.
49: Referee talks to Clever after the Eagles commit another dangerous play. Waldren stays on. Tarr on for Purpura. Leuta comes back on.
51: Nice play from Augspurger to chase down Magie's kick and then win the turnover at the breakdown.
52: Eagles kick away yet again. They think they see something there but they haven't been effective at it.
54: Solid pressure from the Eagles leads to a penalty. Durutalo on for Dolan.
55: Brache is on for Davies. U.S. still attacking but can't find the breakthrough.
57: Nate Augspurger try! The Eagles finally find space outside after several phases. Very timely score. MacGinty's conversion is good. 21-10.
59: Ryan Matyas is on for Will Magie.  Peter Malcolm is on for James Hilterbrand.
64: Mike Te'o is taken out in the air and Giorgi Begadze is sent to the bin. A big opportunity for the Eagles with 15 minutes left.  Matt Jensen on for Clever.
65: Ugh. The U.S. knock it on again. MacGinty has dropped a lot of ball today but the passes to him haven't been great.
70: Georgia try a drop goal but it's off. Just ten minutes left in the match.
71: Ben Cima is on for Cambpell.
73: Try Matt Jensen. Started with a very hopeful flick from Leuta. Then Cima made a tricky pass to Te'o who offloaded to Jensen for the score.The conversion is good. 21-17 now. The Eagles have a chance.
75: Georgia are back to full strength. Just about five minutes left.
76: The Georgian scrum demolishes the U.S. yet again. Georgia going for the kick to take time off the clock. Kvirikashvili's kick is no good. Just three minutes left for the Eagles to grab a try.
79: A huge win from Ryan Matyas to give the U.S. an attacking lineout. This will be the last chance.
80: Matyas is taken into touch and that's full time. Georgia emerge with the 21-17 win.

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  1. USA Rugby vs Georgia - Well that half of rugby is a clear indicator of poor coaching, preparation and lack of discipline.

  2. Well, it was nice to get a late try, and have the chance for the win, but Gawd--- I was only able to watch the last few minutes, and the amount of handling errors and mental errors was just disheartening.
    Augie is NOT an adequate 9. He takes ages to deal the ball out of any ruck, giving the D all kinds of time to come up and whack the runners. And why blindly kick the ball away in last play time- they were lucky to get the turnover by Matyas, but that is not exactly a high percentage play.
    And of course, you take a pass close to the touch line, at the death, and a couple guys grab you-- you have GOT to have the sense to run a better angle or dish that ball before you get trapped, and there has GOT to be someone there for a desperate pass. None of those things happened. What a pffft ending to what could have been a valiant comeback.

  3. Pathetic, no other way to put it.