Thursday, June 1, 2017

ICYMI: RugbyTown 7s Is Stacked This Year

This year's RugbyTown 7s is stacked. In case you missed it early in the spring and are now paying attention as the summer 7s season rolls around the tournament is going to be the best collection of 7s this summer with several national teams, the armed forces, and the top club teams in America all sending squads. The tournament runs from August 25-27 and will be held at Infinity Park. If you are going to travel to a 7s even this summer this is the one to hit.

At the top of the crop is national representatives from several countries. The College All-Americans will be there and if past years is any indication there will be some names on this roster that go on to play for the Eagles. Also at the tournament is the Canada Maple Leafs, their development team, and the Viti Barbarians, a team that will include a number of players that played at the Olympics for gold medalists Fiji. The Cayman Island will also play.

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As is tradition the U.S. Armed Forces will all be there. Every year one of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or the Coast Guard surprise. Army has been a good spoiler in the past. In addition to the U.S. Armed Force the British Army and RAF Spitfires will also play. They are joined by overseas traveling teams the Ramblin Jesters (England) and the Upright Rugby Rogues (Canada).

Where this year's tournament really excels is with the number of top domestic teams that will play. Tiger Rugby, the Denver 7s, Rugby Utah, the Atavus All-Stars, SoCal Griffins, Negro Y Azul, and hosts Glendale all will like their chances of making the quarterfinals. It's a shame that some of them are going to miss out.

From top to bottom each pool at the tournament is going to be a Pool of Death. That's exactly what you want out of a top domestic tournament. 7s players in other countries get good opportunities to test themselves and this year the Americans will equally have a tournament of quality. It's a perfect lead in to what is going to be a long World Sevens Series season next year.

Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard

Overseas: British Army, Ramblin Jesters, RAF Spitfires, Upright Rugby Rogues

National Teams: Maple Leafs, College All-Americans, Viti Barbarians, Cayman Islands

Clubs/ODAs: Denver, Glendale, Atavus All-Stars, Negro Y Azul, Rugby Utah, SoCal Griffins, Tiger Rugby

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