Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Eastern Club 7s Nationals Qualifier Schedules

7s is the theme of the day and in keeping with the previous released list of qualifiers in the western United States we thought we'd provide a schedule for the east. Some regions, like the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest, are pretty straightforward. The Atlantic North has a little variation in the schedule while the South has a bunch of qualifiers spread out over the region.


NOVA--June 24th
Richmond--July 8th
Wilmington--July 15th
Schuylkill River--July 22nd (MAC Championship)


Madtown 7s--June 17th
Rock n Roll 7s--July 8th
Legacy 7s--July 15th
Midwest Championship--July 29th

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Atlantic North

Saratoga 7s--July 15th

New England

Newport 7s--June 24th
Springfield 7s--July 8th
Saratoga 7s--July 15th
Boston 7s--July 22nd (NERFU Championship)


Monmouth 7s--June 17th
Hell Gate 7s--July 8th
Blazing 7s--July 22nd (EGU Championship)


South Qualifiers--July 22nd in Atlanta (top two from each of the sub-regions)

True South

New Orleans 7s--June 17th
Music City 7s--July 8th


Charleston Memorial Day 7s--Won by Charlotte Olde Originals
Queen City 7s--June 17th
NAV 7s--July 8th
Cottontown 7s--July 15th


Fiji Sevens--June 10th (cancelled due to heavy rains)
Todd Miller 7s--June 24th
Gulf Coast 7s--July 8th


Hotter than Hell 7s--June 3rd and won by Legion of Doom
Hotlanta 7s--July 8th
Georgia Games--July 15th

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