Saturday, June 3, 2017

Close Contests But Favorites Through On CRC Day One

Heading into this year's CRC the tournament was billed as the deepest in history and through day one it's lived up to that. With just a few exceptions the tournament hasn't had many blowouts and has a lot of close matches, including several ties. In the end the pool winners largely shook out as expected with St. Mary's, Arkansas State, Lindenwood, UCLA, Cal, and Indiana all advancing. They will be joined by Life and Kutztown as the top two second place teams.

Arguably the most interesting pool on the day was Pool B where the Arkansas State-Life rivalry played out to another great chapter. Both teams took care of business against Wisconsin and Notre Dame albeit they had to work for it. The difference in the pool came down to the match between the two. Arkansas State had run out to a 19-7 lead but two late tries for Life tied the game. The Red Wolves finished at the top of the pool.

The other equally as interesting pool was Pool D where UCLA, AIC, Arizona, and Virginia Tech all battered and bruised each other. AIC were tipped as slight favorites before the tournament but they drew against both UCLA and Virginia Tech. That meant that even though they finished unbeaten on the day the two wins from UCLA, coupled with their draw, put them in first place.

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The rest of the pools shook out pretty much as expected. St. Mary's rolled in Pool A even if they did have a close match against Boston College. Pool C went to Lindenwood with Army finished second. Cal dominated Pool E while Indiana topped Pool F with Kutztown similarly smashing South Carolina and Tennessee to grab a quarterfinal spot.

The quarterfinals will have Cal against Kutztown, Indiana against UCLA, St. Mary's vs. Life, Lindenwood against Arkansas State.

Pool A: St. Mary's, Dartmouth, Boston College, Temple

Dartmouth 29-0 Temple
St. Mary's 19-12 Boston College
St. Mary's 41-0 Temple
Dartmouth 26-19 Boston College 
Boston College 24-0 Temple
St. Mary's 26-7 Dartmouth

Pool B: Life, Arkansas State, Notre Dame, Wisconsin

Arkansas State 22-7 Notre Dame
Life 29-17 Wisconsin
Life 19-12 Notre Dame
Arkansas State 21-12 Wisconsin
Life 19-19 Arkansas State
Wisconsin 35-0 Notre Dame

Pool C: Lindenwood, Army, Navy, St. Joseph's

Lindenwood 33-7 Army
St. Joe's 17-10 Navy
Army 24-10 St. Joe's
Lindenwood 24-7 Navy
Lindenwood 29-12 St. Joe's
Army 17-14 Navy

Pool D: AIC, Arizona, UCLA, Virginia Tech

AIC 12-7 Arizona
UCLA 26-0 Virginia Tech
AIC 19-19 UCLA
Arizona 31-5 Virginia Tech
AIC 12-12 Virgina Tech
UCLA 17-12 Arizona

Pool E: Cal, Clemson, Penn State, Delaware

Penn State 31-0 Delaware
Cal 33-12 Clemson
Clemson 20-12 Delaware
Cal 28-19 Penn State
Cal 54-0 Delaware
Penn State 31-7 Clemson

Pool F: Indiana, Kutztown, South Carolina, Tennesee

Kutztown 36-0 South Carolina
Indiana 34-0 Tennessee
Kutztown 49-0 Tennessee
Indiana 15-7 South Carolina
South Carolina 14-10 Tennessee
Indiana 29-19 Kutztown

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