Saturday, June 3, 2017

Austin Huns vs. NYAC Running Commentary

Today's match commentary is brought to you by Infinity Park. 

NYAC: Anthony Parry, Nick DiScale, Kirk Hamilton, Gethin Davis, Pat Coleman, Nate Brakeley, Ross Deacon, Al McFarland, Justin Hundley, Harry Bennett, Alex Hodgkinson, Doug Ebanks, Seamus Kelly, Greg Voight, Chris Mattina

Austin: Tim Fitzgerald, Peter Malcolm, Mason Pedersen, Kyle Breytenback, Brian Welborn, HP Moore, Hanco Germishuys, Deon Minnaar, Michael Reid, Timothee Guillimin, Sani Taylor, Lomani Tongotongo, JoeDee Reyes, Giovanni Bonilla, Martin Knoetze

1: Huns pinged for offside early. Harry Bennett nails the long kick. NYAC 3-0.
5: The Huns win the first battle at scrum time with a massive push.

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9: NYAC are active and pushing for a try. Al McFarland and Bennett have been very good so far.
10: NYAC try a maul from the lineout but it doesn't work and Austin will have the put in at the scrum.
13: Huns commit another penalty. Bennett's kick from 45 meters straight on is good. 6-0.
17: Now it's NYAC's turn to commit a penalty. Guillimin converts the easy kick. 6-3.
18: NYAC use their forwards to push for the line. They try a tricky offload but it's a turnover for the Huns.
26: Austin breakout but their final chip ahead doesn't connect. They do get a close lineout. From that lineout they use their forwards well to see Peter Malcolm score in the corner. The conversion from Guillimin is good. Austin now in front 10-6 with ten minutes to go in the half.
30: NYAC are killing themselves with mental errors at the moment. Both giving Austin good spots for a lineout. The last one led to a try.
33: Austin looked like another try was on it's way after another NYAC penalty. However, NYAC dig in and clear.
36: Harry Bennett narrowly misses a 59 meter penalty. It had the legs but was barely wide.
40: Try Austin! Deon Minnaar with the score. They are forcing NYAC to commit a lot to the breakdown and it's opening up space. Guillimin is on with the conversion. 17-6. That's the halftime whistle as well.
41: Seamus Kelly has to come off for NYAC. That's a big loss.
43: Another trip for NYAC to Austin's 22 and no points to shore for it.
44: Chris Mattina with a lovely dummy and he's in for the try! That's just what NYAC needed. Bennett is solid on the easy conversion. 17-13 Huns lead.
49: High tackle called on the Huns. Bennett steps up and hits the kick. 17-16.
51: Todd Clever on for Austin to try and reverse NYAC's momentum.
55: McFarland called for a high tackle. Guillimin's kick no good.
60: The Huns go through several phases but knock it on. Still just a one point game.
67: NYAC called for a high tackle. Guillimin's 42 meter kick from roughly straight on is good. 20-16.
69: Try NYAC! Gareth Gibbs. They finally find the right combination of passes to open up Austin on the outside. The conversion is good. 23-20 now to NYAC. 10 minutes to go.
74: Huns pushing. They elect to try and chip ahead. NYAC recover but are pushed into touch.
75: Try Austin! Tongotongo made the initially break but Sani Taylor scored in the corner. The conversion is good. 27-23. NYAC need a try now.
80: NYAC make one last effort but on a scramble they are called for the penalty. That's full time. Huns win 27-23!

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