Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Number Of 7s Qualifiers This Weekend

Qualification for the Club 7s Nationals in August gets heavily underway this weekend with most regions either continuing qualification or starting.

Down in Southern California OMBAC will host the first round of the qualifying series. All of the top teams from SoCal are expected to participate just like in years past. SoCal has traditionally held a series with the team with the most points at the end advancing to the Club 7s Nationals along with the second place team.

The action also gets underway in Texas with the Bloodfest 7s hosted by the Austin Huns. Teams in the Red River are eligible to win the series if they go to three of the four qualifiers. Like other regions the Red River is a series with the top two teams at the end of the season. The Austin Huns, Austin Blacks, Dallas Reds, and New Orleans are expected to be near the top.

In the Pacific North the action is split into two. The Pacific Northwest starts their qualification process this weekend with the Salem 7s. NorCal doesn't start until next month.

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Over on the Eastern side of the United States the Midwest starts their series with the Madtown 7s in Madison, Wisconsin. The Midwest series has traditionally been one of the most competitive in the country with a number of standout teams. This year looks to be no different with teams even more desperate to pick up points with only three stops before the final.  One addition this year is that if a team wins all three qualifiers they will automatically get the top seed to nationals without having to go through the championship qualifier.

The Empire kicks off with the Monmouth 7s this weekend. The Atlantic North is doing things a little differently this year. Both the Empire and New England will have separate championships after the Northeast qualifier in Saratoga. The top four teams from the Empire and New England will meet at the Saratoga 7s for the two spots to nationals.

The South is a little confusing. They have a overall South Championship in Atlanta on July 22nd. Before then each of the four sub-regions have their own qualifiers. A couple of them have already held won tournament but this weekend the True South gets going in New Orleans and the Carolinas continues with the Queen City 7s.

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