Tuesday, May 23, 2017

UW-Whitewater Claim DII College 7s Title

Conventional wisdom suggested that the DII College 7s would be tight and it lived up to expectations with most matches decided by just a couple of tries. In the end it would be a very good UW-Whitewater team that would rise to the cream of the crop. The beat Charlotte, who were also very good, in the final 26-5. The semi-finals were the tightest of all the rounds with UW-Whitewater beating Hartford 17-15 and Charlotte beating Southern Connecticut 24-19. Southern Connecticut would go on to take third place.

In the quarterfinals Charlotte beat Drexel, Southern Connecticut beat William Paterson 42-17, UW-Whitewater beat Endicott 24-19, and Hartford beat NC State 19-14. Endicott would go on to win the Plate 19-12 over Drexel. The Shield went to Norwich who beat Principia 31-10.

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Pool A

Hartford 33-5 Principia
S. Connecticut 19-17 Norwich
S. Conn 24-14 Principia
Norwich 19-12 Hartford
Principia 33-21 Norwich
Hartford 21-19 S. Conn.

Pool B

Charlotte 35-7 UT-San Antonio
NC State 10-7 Drexel
Charlotte 36-7 NC State
Drexel 33-14 UT-San Antonio
Charlotte 31-17 Drexel
NC State 26-12 UT-San Antonio

Pool C

William Paterson 26-14 St. Louis
UW-Whitewater 26-14 Endicott
Endicott 36-5 St. Louis
UW-Whitewater 28-14 William Paterson
UW-Whitewater 38-5 St. Louis
William Paterson 14-12 Endicott


Principia 33-0 St. Louis
Norwich 29-10 UT-San Antonio
Norwich 31-10 Principia (final)


Charlotte 36-5 Drexel
S. Conn 42-17 William Paterson
UW-Whitewater 24-19 Endicott
Hartford 19-14 NC State


Drexel 27-16 William Paterson
Endicott 32-0 NC State
Endicott 19-12 Drexel (final)

Cup Semi-finals

Charlotte 24-19 S. Conn
UW-Whitewater 17-12 Hartford


S. Conn 31-19 Hartford


UW-Whitewater 26-5 Charlotte

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