Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Toronto Wolfpack Undefeated So Far

Halfway through the season the Toronto Wolfpack are undefeated and looking like heavy promotion favorites. The expansion rugby league side has made a big splash in the league community this year by not only being the first trans-Atlantic rugby team of any code but also bringing in a number of top players with upper-level experience. It seems the move to bring in experienced players has paid off big-time as the team as dominated the opposition so far with a whopping +341 point differential. Even more, the team has nearly finished their long road season based in England and will finish the season with a stretch of matches at home in Toronto.  The only American to see time with the club so far is Ryan Burroughs who has made two appearances with one try.

The team is on track to not only make it to the Super 8s playoff but to finish at the top of the table. Only the Barrow Raiders, who they play this weekend in Toronto, are also unbeaten on the season. A win against the Raiders would deliver the Wolfpack a clear pathway to the overall top seed. The Super 8s are a playoff format where the top eight teams play each other once. If the Wolfpack finish the Super 8s in the top two they will make the promotion final. The winner of that final gains promotion to the Championship. The loser of the final will play the winner of the mini-playoff between teams that finished 5th in the Super 8s. They will then play the winner between the 3rd-4th place teams for one last shot at promotion. It's seems unnecessarily complicated but the bottom line is if the Wolfpack can finish at the top of the table after the Super 8s and then win the promotion final they will move up to the second level of rugby league in England. 


  1. Jaguares were the first Professional trans-atlantic Rugby side of any code.

  2. Ryan has 2 total tries, 1 league and 1 cup. He has the distinction of scoring the team's first competitive try in the Challenge Cup. He has also made 4 appearances, not 2. I'm a bigger fan of league than union and have used my super ninja skills to watch every game this season. #runwiththepack

  3. My bad, you were probably talking just league 1. Ryan's appearances I have were combined league and cup.

    Over 6000 fans attended their first home match and that was in cold/rainy conditions. It will be interesting to see how well they draw the rest of the sumner.