Thursday, May 4, 2017

TIAR College Top Ten Power Rankings

Photo: Connie Hatfield

With one week left in the college 15s season we have our penultimate TIAR College Top Ten Power Rankings for the school year. Not a lot of change in this one with only a few teams left but there is movement at the top.

1. Life (Last Week: 1, beat BYU 36-26): Life put any doubts to rest that they mean to defend their DI-A title with a convincing win over BYU. Yes, BYU had to travel to the East for two straight weeks but what Life was able to do to the Cougars was very impressive. This Life team might be the strongest they've ever had and you can bet they will be going all out this weekend. Up next: St. Mary's (DI-A Championship)

2. St. Mary's (LW: 3, beat Arizona 43-7): St. Mary's hasn't been challenged much in the post-season so far but a lot of that comes down to the prowess that the Gaels have. Their strong regular season schedule has them poised for the big game on Saturday and coming off last year's loss they will want to send the home fans away happy. They like to get out an run and if they can put in a few early tries against Life that might do it for a victory. Up next: Life (DI-A Championship)

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3. Cal (LW: 4, Bye): Cal had the weekend off to prepare for their Varsity Cup final against Arkansas State. It will be the first time that Cal has played in a final this close to their home base in a long time. You can expect the Cal faithful to be there in droves on Saturday. On the pitch the Bears seem to be coming into form at the right time. Up next: Arkansas State (Varsity Cup final)

4. BYU (LW: 2, lost to Life 36-26): This is the first time in a very long time that BYU will not be playing for a trophy at the end of the year. In many ways it's fitting given the turmoil the team had to go through this year in deciding which post-season they were going to play in. Also, traveling two weekends in a row, coupled with finals, had to take a lot out of them. Up next: Season finished

5. Lindenwood (LW: 5, season finished): Lindenwood have finished their 15s season and are focusing on 7s.

6. Arkansas State (LW: 8, Bye): The Red Wolves have earned their way into the Varsity Cup final. Cal are the heavy favorites but Arkansas State shouldn't be counted out. They have the talent and as underdogs they don't have anything to lose. Up next: Cal (Varsity Cup final)

7. San Diego State (LW: 6, season finished): San Diego State have finished their season.

8. Central Washington (LW: 7, season finished): Central Washington have finished their season.

9. Indiana (LW: 9, season finished): Indiana have finished their season.

10. Penn State (LW: 10, season finished): Penn State have finished their season.

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