Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Super Sevens Teases Announcement

Major League Rugby is going to have some competition. Super Sevens Rugby has teased an announcement on May 30th. While they don't explicitly say it's announcing the competition there are strong rumors that is the case. For those that aren't aware, Super Sevens is a version of sevens that originated in Canada. It has four quarters with rolling substitutions in order to keep the players fresh. The idea is to create a single sevens match that is marketable for television. Having four fifteen quarters provides commercial breaks and the length needed for television.

Last year United World Sports, who was behind the initial push (see the similarity in the logo with that of the USA 7s), said that the initial competition would start in 2016-17 and would feature 8 teams playing in MLS stadiums. The 2016-17 part obviously didn't happen but the rest could remain the same.

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As we wrote last year when the league first came to the surface, the format has it's promise but it's also not without it's distractors. The problem with 7s has always been that it's an all day event at best and typically a two day event. If you are from Chicago and you are cheering for a Chicago team you aren't likely to wait three hours between matches over two days to watch you team. Also, you want to see your team regularly and not just once a year. Playing four fifteen minute quarters allows teams to play at home regularly and the format to be condensed into two hours.

At the same time the format could get a little boring. The previous trial held at the CRC in 2015--and it's important to remember it was just a trial--got a little tiresome watching the teams run back and forth. Similar to the way that Arena Football doesn't have the same audience as the NFL or College Football. Also, it will probably take a few years for players to get accustomed to the format.

Still, since that announcement was teased PRO Rugby played a first season. We all know what happened there but it showed that there is an appetite for professional rugby. We've also since seen Major League Rugby put their hand up. Because they are different enough there is no reason to think that both Super Sevens and Major League Rugby can't co-exist. In fact, it may help ease the financial burden for each respective league if the other league picks up the check in their offseason.


  1. I honestly think they have chosen the wrong format of the game for this proposed league. Sevens is great but having seen the proof of concept game it doesn't hold up for a game spanning more than 20 minutes.

    They should have looked at 10s. The slightly more structured play provides a lot more physicality to the game that goes missing as 7s (in the Super 7s format) progressing and players tire.

    It also adds greater depth tp the play. This isn't so much an issue on the World Series as games are only 14 mins long but when a single quarter is longer than that as the game goes on at least I found it loses a lot of its appeal.

    So, if by chance anyone from UWS are reading this. Please look at 10s. I appreaciate the appetite to innovate. It's actually something the ga,e needs more of but I just don't think this is a step too far.

  2. Why do we want to change the game in any way? Rugby union in 15s and 7s is fantastic. Hundreds of thousands of us agree with many millions of rugby fans around the world. There is no need to create a new version of the game just for Americans. We're intelligent enough to grasp the basics of the game without any help.

  3. I love 15s, I enjoy 7s tournaments. Super 7s is horrible, I just cant watch a 7s match that lasts that long. Good luck to them though. As mentioned above, I would be more interested in 10s in this format for more substance of the game.

  4. Don't mess with tradition. If the great American Sporting public does not want rugby as it is played in the rest of the world then so be it...