Thursday, May 4, 2017

South Panthers Ready For RAN Championship

After a year break the South Panthers are back in the Rugby Americas North Championship. The last time the team had a run out in the competition they ran into a very good Mexican team. They are going to get the opportunity to revenge and they are grouped in the North Zone Championship along with Mexico, the Cayman Islands, and Bermuda. The Panthers will play the Cayman Islands in the South on May 14th. They then will travel to Mexico City on May 27th in what should be the crucial match of the round. They round things out against Bermuda at home on June 3rd.

If the Panthers finish as the top team in the region they will move on to play the South champions, most likely Guyana or Trinidad & Tobago on July 1st. If the Panthers finish at the bottom of the division they could be relegated to the North Cup next year. The South represents the U.S. in the championship since the U.S. first team would run away with the competition. Mexico have been improving every year and last time they met in Mexico City it went heavily in favor of the Mexicans. 

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