Tuesday, May 9, 2017

South Panthers Named To Face Cayman Islands

Press Release

USA Rugby South announces the representatives that will battle the Cayman Islands in the first game of the Rugby Americas North (RAN) Tournament. This game will be played on Sunday May 14, 10:00 am at Life University in Atlanta, GA.

Team:  Adam Channel (Tiger Rugby), Alex Nazon (Charleston Outlaws), Amro Gouda (Charlotte), Calvin Storey (Raleigh), Chase Riemer (Chattanooga), Cormac Kenan (Southern Pines), David Coleman (Birmingham), Hein Erasmus (Miami Tridents), Jarrett Gartin (North Atlanta), Joe Bambinelli (Atlanta Old White), John Bryant (Charleston), Jordan Gunderson (Southern Pines), Lyall Harrison (Chattanooga), Matt Hughston (Charlotte), Phillip Thiel (Atlanta Old White), Saade Bou-Mikael (New Orleans), Shawn Riley (Southern Pines), Stephen Cappello (Mystic River), Todd Sherer (Columbia), Waymon Cassell (Nashville), Wayne Chermely (Knoxville), Zach Miller (North Atlanta), Zach Blalock (Birmingham)

Reserves:  Matt Fontana (Atlanta Renegades), Nathan Ring (Nashville), Trey Eason (Southern Pines)

Coaches and Staff: Rene Daniel (USA Rugby South), Francesco Balsas (USA Rugby South), Renaldo Arroyo (Valdosta St U), Pete Redmond (Augusta), Nese Malifa (Tiger Rugby), Sean Borman (Monster Sports Network), Gary Kent (Columbus/Fort Benning), Kevin Kitto (USA Rugby South)

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