Thursday, May 25, 2017

New Orleans Confirms Major League Rugby Plans

New Orleans has confirmed their participation in Major League Rugby starting in 2018. The team will be known as NOLA Gold. Here is the release from the club. 
New Orleans Rugby Enterprises, LLC is honored to introduce the passionate sports fans of the city of New Orleans to the first professional rugby team in the city’s history, the New Orleans Gold Rugby Club, or NOLA Gold.
NOLA Gold will build upon the proud and strong rugby community in the city that has existed for decades. Rugby is the fastest-growing sport in the United States and is now played in New Orleans at levels ranging from elementary schools, to high schools and universities, all the way up to adult clubs. From the two-time national champion New Orleans Rugby Football Club, down to the third and fourth graders, NOLA Gold will do its part to develop the sport of rugby, along with its sense of culture and camaraderie, at every level. NOLA Gold will provide an elite professional side for the rugby community and the entire city to support, and to strive towards playing for. Our matches will also provide a new gathering place for all the members of the rugby community to get together, and share a day enjoying the sport that they love. With the New Orleans rugby community at the core, NOLA Gold will look to develop its fan base in the people and sports fans in every corner of the city from the French Quarter to the West Bank, to the Northshore and all the way "Down the Bayou." 
We have officially committed to the 2018 Major League Rugby season and will be releasing our team’s logo, stadium information, and more details in the coming weeks.

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  1. What is it with professional rugby teams recycling nicknames from the USFL?