Thursday, May 11, 2017

Men's Club DII & DIII Playoff Fields Set

The men's DII and DIII club competitions will have some strong teams this year. At the DII level teams like Life, the Little Rock Stormers, and the Detroit Tradesmen will all be threats while the DIII field is wide open.


Life playing in DII has raised some eyebrows not only in the south but throughout the country. It take explaining but there are some good reasons why Life is in DII this year. The college has been de-emphasizing their men's team and putting more focus on the college team. Without question Life have plenty of talent on their roster with several players involved in DI play the last few years. However, most of the biggest names on their roster have moved on. Dylan Fawsitt is with Old Blue and Shaun Davies is with Glendale. When Life has played ARP matches in the fall they did so with a mix of club players but a lot of college players.

The team reached the quarterfinals with a 73-26 win over Boca Raton and 68-7 win over the Miami Tridents. Given the lopsided nature of the results Life will be one of the favorites to make it to the final but they are going to have to face good competition to get there and it's not a given they will advance.

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The team Life will face in the quarterfinals is the Morris Lions. They won in the Atlantic North over the Mystic Barbarians and beat the Village Lions in the semi-finals. The Northeast has traditionally produced some fantastic teams so this could be the quarterfinal to watch.

The Detroit Tradesmen are back in the quarterfinals thanks to a 27-12 win over Wisconsin. Like the Northeast, the Midwest has similarly produced good teams. The Tradesmen are certainly one while Wisconsin have been in the national title match before as well. The team facing Detroit in the quarterfinals is Washington Irish. They beat Philadelphia-Whitemarsh in the Mid-Atlantic final.

On the western side of the bracket there are four teams that will fancy themselves as title contenders. The Sacramento Blackhawks emerged from the very difficult Pacific North with wins over the Sacramento Capitals and the Tacoma Nomads. They will play the Little Rock Stormers who also have national championship ambitions. Little Rock cruised past the Austin Blacks D2 and Tulsa.

The winner of the Sacramento-Little Rock map will play either the Ventura County Outlaws or the St. Louis Bombers. The Outlaws had a narrow win over the Las Vegas Irish and then a bigger win over Red Mountain. In really soggy conditions the Bombers beat the Denver Barbarians and then the Glendale Raptors D2.


The DIII bracket is typically wide open. Sometimes it's a club on the rise and sometimes it's a team playing down while they group. Sometimes it's neither of those. On the eastern side of the bracket will be the Bremer County Bucks, a team no stranger to post-season play, and Leigh Valley Hooligans squaring off. The winner there will face either Southern Pines or Saratoga. Those are also teams with post-season experience. Out west, the Chico Mighty Oaks from Northern California will play the San Marcos Greys. Additionally, the Orange County Ravens will play the St. Louis Royals.

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