Saturday, May 6, 2017

Match Commentary: Cal vs. Arkansas State

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Pre-game: This match has already happened so most people will know the result. However, because it wasn't streamed live we're going along with the delayed showing and pretend we don't know the result.
1: We're underway.
3: Cal pressuring early but a player is down hurt. After several phases Sam Cusano score. 7-0 to Cal.
3: We're in a long break for the Cal injury.
7: Arkansas State doing well early despite that try. They've had chances but they need points.
11: Arkansas State definitely with more of the momentum after the injury break but Cal is holding them off the board. Pretty slow pace.
15: Arkansas State think they have a try but it's knocked on.
19: Through nearly 20 minutes the Varsity Cup hasn't been the greatest advertisement for rugby.

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22: Valentin Balande's kick is good for the Red Wolves. They are on the board at 7-3.
26: Cal knocking at the door and Arkansas State not helping with a number of penalties.
32: Arkansas State is only hurting themselves in this game. They've gifted Cal a great chance for a score.
34: Lots of power from Kevin Sullivan and Cal have their second of the match. Webb converts. 14-3.
39: A nice cutout pass leads a try from Aidan Flynn for the try. Cal are now up 19-3.
That's halftime. Not the greatest half of rugby. Arkansas State have had chances but Cal has pulled away to end the half.
40: Second half has started.
47: Cal starts the half clinically with everything but a score. If feels like they have control of this match.
50: Russell Webb benefits from a mishandle from Arkansas State on a chip to go in for the score. Conversion good. 26-3.
55: Cusano is in again for Cal. This is getting too easy for them at the moment. Cal 33-3.
58: Nice try from Arkansas State with a series of offloads. Sione Fangaiuiha finished it off. 33-8.
66: Cal added a penalty and now Cusano is in for his third. Nice hat-trick. 43-8.
72: This match is pretty much settled but Arkansas State is putting up a great fight.
79: Arkansas State with a late try as consolation. Dylan Boast. That's the final. Cal 43-Arkansas State 13. 

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