Sunday, May 21, 2017

London 7s: Baker & Unufe Beat Australia

The Eagles are into the semi-finals for the fifth time this season with a big 31-14 win over Australia. The win was powered by a hat-trick from Perry Baker. Up next for the Eagles will be an on form Scotland team.

The main difference in the match came down to the U.S. being able to spread the Australian defense all across the pitch. The ball swung back and forth across the pitch four or five times before the defense was sucked in enough to give Baker the first try of the match. The second try was nearly the same script except for Baker on the wing it was Maka Unufe that went around the outside. It's easy to forget that Baker isn't the only speed player on the team. Players like Unufe have a great change of pace that throws opposing teams off.

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Another aspect in which the U.S. excelled in the match was at the restart. The U.S. won the ball back on all three of the first kicks. That led to a lot of great possession that they used to full advantage. Soon Unufe was in for his second try. Australia had barely touched the ball and they found themselves down 19-0.

Australia did finally gain possession for more than just a few phases and with that possession were able to score a try before halftime. At the break the U.S. led 19-7.

In the second half the U.S. left off where they started in the first half. Once again they found space on the outside, this time taking a pass from Unufe, allowed Baker to score his second of the match. 26-7. Baker would score a third try to push the lead to 31-7 with just under four minutes left.

With the match mainly settled the biggest action came when Martin Iosefo crashed into James Stannard knocking out one of Stannard's teeth. Hilariously Stannard asked is Craig Joubert could put it in his pocket. Australia scored a final try to make it 31-14.  

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