Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Huns Beat Utah, Glendale Thumps NorCal Pelicans

Photo Credit: Davey Wilson
There were several top club and high-level matches across the country last weekend despite the lull before the playoffs.

Huns Beat Rugby Utah

When the Rugby Utah Select XV first took the field against the Glendale Raptors a couple of months ago they were a raw unit that kept it close in the first half before getting blown out in the second half. Since then the team has continued to grow and despite a 59-37 loss to the Austin Huns Utah have shown a lot of improvement since then and could be a major player on the elite scene for years to come. It helps that they added Eagle Matt Jensen, Josh Anderson, and the Whippy brothers from BYU but as they have had more time together they've improved.

However, the Austin Huns are still the Huns and they were able to do enough to pull out the win late. In the match Utah ran out to a 22-7 lead. The Huns came back but another try from Utah gave them a 27-21 halftime lead. The Huns pulled away from there. Like Utah, the Huns have brought in a lot of experienced players just for matches like this on the road and it's paid off. They too have added some players from the college scene with Zinzan Elan-Puttick coming over from Arkansas State.

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Glendale Thump NorCal Pelicans

Another select side testing themselves against a club was the NorCal Pelicans who made the trip to Glendale. With players from SFGG and Life West getting ready for the playoffs the Pelicans were a little thin and it shown in an 88-5 win for the Raptors. Glendale have been fantastic this year and despite them not participating in the DI playoffs are the top team in the country.

The NorCal Pelican women returned the favor with an 89-5 win.

The Raptors men will take on the Ontario Blues this Saturday in Burlington, Ontario. Both teams are considered the best in their respective countries so it should be a strong match.

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