Sunday, May 14, 2017

Eagles Learn London Pool

The draw for the London 7s is out and the U.S. have been given an okay draw all things considered. They will face South Africa, Wales, and Kenya in Pool A. South Africa will be very, very difficult as always but the Eagles have played them close recently. They have also put up big scores on Wales recently. Kenya wasn't so strong in Paris but always have the capability of doing something special.

Pool A: South Africa, USA, Wales, Kenya
Pool B: Kenya, France, Argentina, Russia
Pool C: New Zealand, Fiji, Canada, Japan
Pool D: England, Samoa, Australia, Spain

Just a couple of other notes to pass along from the tournament. Perry Baker finished as the leading try and point scorer with 8 tries and 40 points. However, that wasn't good enough to land him on the Dream Team as no Eagle made it. There were two South Africans, three Scots, and Englishman, and a Frenchman.

Additionally, the Eagles are currently fifth in the standings and will solidify a top five spot if they make the Cup quarterfinals in London. No one is catching South Africa who have been crowned tournament champions. The only real drama is whether Fiji or England finish in second place. 

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