Thursday, May 18, 2017

CRC Pools Released

The pools for the CRC are out. The tournament has it's strongest field yet and there will be a big battle in some pools to finish first. Because there are 24 teams only the top team from each pool and then the top two second place teams go through.

Defending champion Cal are in Pool E and will face competition from Clemson, Penn State, and Delaware but are expected to be the top team. St. Mary's in Pool A are also likely to go through after facing Dartmouth, Boston College, and Temple.

Pool C is more of a challenge but it's Lindenwood's to lose. The Lions are on good form and should be the top team but Army and Navy could render a big surprise. The battle between Army and Navy is always a fun one to watch.

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Another pool with an intriguing match-up is Pool B where Life and Arkansas State are expected to battle for first place. The Running Eagles are the favorites but as the Red Wolves have shown this year you can't count them out, especially in a 14 minute, wide-open match. With Notre Dame and Wisconsin in their pool things could get tough but it's also set up for both Life and Arkansas State to have a chance at advancing.

Pool D looks like the pool of death. AIC, Arizona, and UCLA will all fancy a chance at making the quarterfinals. AIC may have the sight edge early on, especially with Jihad Khabir, but Arizona and UCLA have played a lot of 7s. It could also be the case in this pool that they beat each other up and only one team makes it to the top eight.

In Pool F it will likely come down to Indiana and Kutztown although South Carolina could offer a surprise.

Pool A: St. Mary's, Dartmouth, Boston College, Temple
Pool B: Life, Arkansas State, Notre Dame, Wisconsin
Pool C: Lindenwood, Army, Navy, St. Joseph's
Pool D: AIC, Arizona, UCLA, Virginia Tech
Pool E: Cal, Clemson, Penn State, Delaware
Pool F: Indiana, Kutztown, South Carolina, Tennesee

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