Monday, April 10, 2017

Women Eagles Named For Kitakyushu 7s

Women Eagles 7s head coach Richie Walker will give a couple of new players and opportunity on the Sevens Series as the team readies for the Kitakyushu 7s. Former BYU standout Jordan Gray comes into the team along with Megan Sanders from the Seattle Saracens. Sanders played with the Falcons at the Vancouver Invitational. Gray, like most of the team has extensive 15s experience. Gray, Kelly Griffin, Alev Kelter, Kristen Thomas, and others on the team recently played with the Women Eagles in Canada during the Can-Am Series.

The U.S. will play Spain, England, and Canada. The Eagles have enjoyed two straight successful tournaments in Sydney and Vegas after their disappointing showing in Dubai. They finished second in Sydney and then fourth in Vegas. That said, they are in a very tough group with England and Canada although England haven't looked as strong this year. The tournament starts on April 21st.

Squad: Nana Fa'avesi, Kristen Thomas, Kelly Griffin, Nicole Heavirland, Ryan Carlyle, Alev Kelter (C), Naya Tapper, Jordan Gray, Kelsi Stockert, Megan Sanders, Bulou Mataitoga, Nicole Snyder

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