Thursday, April 13, 2017

TIAR College Top Ten Power Rankings

The playoffs started for a couple of teams in our top ten while others had a bye as they wait for their playoffs to begin.

1. Life (Last Week: 1, Bye): Life were one of the teams to have last weekend off. That may or may not be a good thing for the team as they also have this coming weekend off. You certainly want to have players fresh for the playoffs but you also don't want them to be rusty. The Running Eagles are playing Lindenwood in the first round. The two teams know each other well and Lindenwood has provided upsets. Up next: Lindenwood (April 22nd)

2. BYU (LW: 2, beat Colorado State 93-3): The Cougars started their playoffs with a big win over Colorado State. The two teams were also supposed to meet this weekend in the playoffs but in order to save money it was decided that their meeting last Saturday would count as a playoff match. That means that BYU have an extra week of rest before they head to Indiana. BYU don't play a lot of eastern teams so Indiana might be able to find something. Up next: Indiana (April 22nd)

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3. St. Mary's (LW: 4, Easter Tour): St. Mary's are on a tour of Ireland and Scotland during their Spring Break. They have been doing pretty well so far and if they aren't too tired when they return they should be ready for a playoff run. They will play either Utah or San Diego State. Up next: Utah or SDSU (April 22nd)

4. Cal (LW: 4, Bye): Cal continue to rest ahead of their Varsity Cup match against Clemson in South Carolina. Up next: Clemson 

5. Central Washington (LW: 5, Bye): Central Washington were another team with the weekend off. They'll also have to travel across the country as they head to Annapolis. Up next: Navy

6. Lindenwood (LW: 6, beat Davenport 36-14): This was another match that counted in the playoffs because even though it was previously scheduled. Lindenwood continued to find their good form as the weather warms with a solid victory over Davenport. Their reward? A tough trip to Life. There are some legitimate questions about whether that is fair. Sure it makes sense from a travel and cost perspective but it's hard to see how a top four team in the DI-A playoffs should have to play another top four team in the quarterfinals while one of Air Force, Arizona, or Baylor is going to make the semi-finals. Up next: Life (April 22nd)

7. San Diego State (LW: 7, beat Cal Poly 41-14): The Aztecs continue to be in a groove with a very solid win over a good Cal Poly team. Their tour of Georgia seems to have provided them with a bit of confidence. They are going to need that against Utah this weekend. Up next: Utah 

8. Army (LW: 8, beat Notre Dame 41-8): Army had no difficulty in their first round Varsity Cup match-up as they beat Notre Dame. Army have a chance to go far in the tournament but they are going to need to beat rivals Penn State in the next round. The two teams have played some great matches recently so it's one to watch. Up next: Penn State

9. Arkansas State (LW: 9, beat Oklahoma 69-7): The Red Wolves were another team to roll in their opening Varsity Cup match. They will host Utah Valley next who upset UCLA in their first round match. Up next: Utah Valley

10. Indiana (LW: 10, beat Notre Dame College 39-10): Indiana have wrapped up their playoff preparations with a great win over Notre Dame College. With Bryce Campbell on the roster they have a player that can make a defense. They are going to be up against it with BYU. Up next: BYU (April 22nd) 

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