Friday, April 7, 2017

TIAR College Top Ten Power Rankings

Photo: Ryan Turner
No change in this week's rankings as teams gear up for the playoffs.

1. Life (Last Week: 1, beat Davenport 45-11): The Running Eagles finished their Mid-South season with a nice win over Davenport. They have come through the Spring season with a perfect record and will be one of the favorites to advance to the DI-A final. A lot is going to depend on match-ups and if they can grab the number one seed but regardless they have the tools to repeat as champions. Up next: DI-A Playoffs

2. BYU (LW: 3, beat Central Washington 55-12): We had a big debate whether to put BYU ahead of behind St. Mary's. In the end it came down to the head to head record between the two teams, especially the last match where BYU won. Either way if BYU and St. Mary's clash in the playoffs it is going to be a fun, fun match. Up next: Colorado State

3. St. Mary's (LW: 2, beat Sacramento State 80-3): Another big win for the Gaels as they head out on their Easter tour to Ireland. As mentioned, they were probably hard done by to drop a spot given that they won last week but that meeting in Provo looms large for the playoffs. Up next: Easter Tour

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4. Cal (LW: 4, Bye): The Golden Bears have a couple of bye weeks until the Varsity Cup playoffs begin for them. They are the heavy favorites in that match. Up next: Varsity Cup (April 15th)

5. Central Washington (LW: 5, lost to BYU 55-12): It was definitely not the result the Wildcats wanted in Provo but many teams have traveled their and failed to come out with a result. Despite being an independent Central Washington have put together a very tough schedule and that will serve them well in the Varsity Cup. Up next: Varsity Cup (April 15th)

6. Lindenwood (LW: 6, beat Clemson 71-5): We've said it for much of the season but Lindenwood could be a dark horse to go far in the DI-A playoffs. They rolled past Clemson and have only been stopped by Life in the Mid-South. Up next: Davenport

7. San Diego State (LW: 7, tour of Georgia (the country): The Aztecs are another dark horse in the playoffs. Playing in the West will make things difficult but they have quietly put together a very nice season. Up next: Cal Poly

8. Army (LW: 8, Bye): West Point had the weekend off before they begin their Varsity Cup campaign against Notre Dame this weekend. Army are heavy favorites in that match. Up next: Notre Dame (Varsity Cup)

9. Arkansas State (LW: 9, Bye): Arkansas State were another team with the weekend off ahead of the playoffs. Like Army, they are dark horses in the Varsity Cup to make the final. Up next: Oklahoma (Varsity Cup)

10. Indiana (LW: 10, beat Notre Dame 40-19): Another Spring win for Indiana who are coming into form at a good time. Up next: Notre Dame College

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