Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Q&A: The Call For Questions

It's been a little while since we had our last Q&A and in that time the Eagles have made two more Sevens Series semi-finals, including a finals loss to Canada (Canada!), the 15s team is inching closer to their summer series, the Women Eagles are taking the Sevens Series by storm and the women are prepping for the World Cup. Additionally, the college and club playoffs are either underway or around the corner. With all that in mind we thought it was time to take your questions once again.

You can ask about anything you'd like as long as it is reasonable. You can submit your questions either on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments here. The deadline for questions will be Friday at 11:00 p.m. et/8:00 p.m. pt.


  1. Any update on Psalm Wooching's Pau tryout?

  2. Any idea who is behind the Houston Strikers?

  3. Any word on professional webcast or broadcasts plans for MLR?

  4. Central Washington lost to Navy last week. Why are they still at #7 in your power rankings, and why is Navy not in the Top Ten?

  5. With BYU leaving the Varsity Cup this year do you think we might see just one college "national championship" next year?

  6. Do you think that we'll see a rugby league start up franchise similar to the Toronto Wolfpack any time soon ?

  7. With the understanding that there are several variables that could preclude the answer to this question, such as durability and skill and abilities holding up over several years, just for fun, now that the Eagles are consistently playing 9 to 11 test matches per year, which young Eagles do you have your eye to become USAR’s first test match centurion? Conversely, do you believe Todd Clever can stay healthy enough thru the current World Cup cycle and beat them all to the punch? Assuming he could stay injury-free, playing 10 tests per year, plus the World Cup warm-up tests, plus the World Cup…it kinda looks like he has a shot. Thoughts?

  8. 1. The following recent (last 24 months) Eagles are registered with USA Rugby as "At Large". Do you know what their plans are, if any, to continue playing rugby?

    Dino Waldren
    Mike Sosene-Feagai
    Nic Edwards
    Tom Bliss

    2. Will Carlin Isles return to rugby? Or is he done?

    3. Was there really only ONE beer-selling kiosk at Toyota Park in San Antonio during the USA v Uruguay ARC match? Did someone get fired for that cockup?

    4. Unconfirmed reports out of Scotland state that LangiLangi Haupeakui was found to be "legally blind" by the Warriors' team doctors and that this was the real reason for the separation. Do you know if there is any truth to that?

    5. The following recent Eagles are still in college. Any idea on where they plan to/would like to play rugby when they graduate?

    Calvin Whiting
    Matthew Jensen
    Bryce Campbell
    Deion Mikesell
    Lorenzo Thomas
    Dylan Audsley