Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Q&A: Answers To Your Questions (Part Two)

Here is part two of our answers to your questions.

Grant Cole: Will Carlin Isles return to rugby? Or is he done?

TIAR: He'll be back.

Grant Cole: Was there really only ONE beer-selling kiosk at Toyota Park in San Antonio during the USA v Uruguay ARC match? Did someone get fired for that cockup?

TIAR: No clue. As someone who is too busy to worry about that during Eagles matches it's never been a problem for me.

Grant Cole: Unconfirmed reports out of Scotland state that Langilangi Haupeakui was found to be "legally blind" by the Warriors' team doctors and that this was the real reason for the separation. Do you know if there is any truth to that?

TIAR: Not sure on that one. There are reasons to be skeptical of that. Surely Glasgow conducted a physical before they signed him and that should have included a vision test.

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Grant Cole: The following recent Eagles are still in college. Any idea on where they plan to/would like to play rugby when they graduate?

Calvin Whiting
Matthew Jensen
Bryce Campbell
Deion Mikesell
Lorenzo Thomas
Dylan Audsley

TIAR: Wouldn't it be nice if there was a professional competition for these players to land? SAD! Not sure where they will play but I wouldn't put it past Whiting and Jensen to either join Glendale or stay in Utah and play with the Utah Select XV. That team is going places. Campbell, Mikesell, Thomas makes sense for a team like the Huns or the Houston Strikers. It wouldn't surprise me if Audsley ended up staying in the Bay Area or back in England.

Adam Muszynski: I saw something about USAR looking to relocate to a single facility. Is this to provide consistent training facilities? Consolidate 7s and 15s guys? Centrally contract national team players for training? Where could this be? How much are they estimating this to cost?

Yesterday we had part one of our two part series answering your questions. We're grateful that so many people submitted questions we had to split it into two. Here we talk about MLR, injuries to Eagles, and more.

TIAR: I saw that too.  I think they are always looking to save costs but they did just move from Boulder to Lafayette. In terms of training facilities John Mitchell has been a big proponent of having a permanent home for the Eagles. California makes the most sense. Also, the changes at the OTC will have a long-term impact. At this point I wouldn't read too much into it. The money isn't there to contract players or set up a training center. The center would be designed to house all national teams.

Ryan Brooks: What happened to Adam Siddall? He had concussion issues and then took a year off as I recall. Then nothing since. And Nia Toliver, I met her at a showing of "Red, White, Black, and Blue" (I think that's what it was called).

TIAR: Siddall had concussions and had to take time off. It apparently got kind of messy. Not sure on Nia Toliver.

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David Yeoman: What positives and negatives have the national competitions committee and club strategic committee accomplished?

TIAR: I think it's appropriate in this venue to say that there are a lot of people doing a lot of hard work in the American rugby community. We are probably more complex and have more diversity than any other union in the world. Many people do the best they can with what they have.

James Saddler: What is the news on MLR? Prediction for Life vs. BYU?

TIAR: MLR is still plugging along. They are keeping things quiet but I've heard from several people that it's continuing to push along. One of the big questions we have is how many teams are going to be ready to play in 2018.

As for Life vs. BYU, if it was in Provo we'd go with BYU. Life could have the edge at home but BYU is playing some great rugby. We're going to go with them.

Aaron Lindquist: Also, what happened to Toby L'Estrange?

TIAR: Injuries and other opportunities. He is a great defensive player but couldn't make it work on offense. The Eagles have better options at this point.

AC Slater: What was the US Owls?

TIAR: USA Old Boys. They are now called the Classic Eagles. 

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  1. Adam Siddall moved back to NZ and, if he isn't one already, is working as a lawyer. The 3rd installment of Red, White, Black, and Blue (release still TBD) will provide an update on Nia Tolliver.