Thursday, April 6, 2017

PRO Rugby Anniversary Fast Approaching

Photo: Connie Hatfield

In just a little less than two weeks it will be the one year anniversary of the opening weekend of PRO Rugby's inaugural season. We find ourselves missing the competition. Regardless of what's happened over the last year in terms of he said, he said between multiple parties the fact that it even happened was pretty awesome in hindsight. Years down the road we think that most people will look back fondly at what happened between April 17th in Denver and July 31st in Columbus.

For us, what was special about the competition was the number of people that felt needed and elevated in American rugby for the first time. For players it was the first time many of them were paid to play rugby. For coaches it was invaluable experience that will pay benefits years down the road. For administrators it was an opportunity to see what a commercial rugby team looks like and what it doesn't look like. For fans it was the opportunity to watch high-level rugby week in and week out (30 matches in total) over four months. For rugby writers like ourselves and photographers it was an opportunity reach new fans. Not all of that is going away and Major League Rugby looks like it could be something but it's still a bummer that it's not happening again this Spring.

Given the upcoming anniversary we wanted to get your thoughts on what you miss, or don't miss, about the competition. Leave a comment below but make sure it's appropriate.

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  1. Flew out to Sacramento from Milwaukee for work on Mother's Day to catch a game to support the cause (Ohio @ Sac), watched plenty more on live stream. As a D1 player it was always fawesome to watch guys I competed against in years past make an impact on American Rugby.