Friday, April 14, 2017

Opening Kick

Opening Kick is a segment devoted to bringing you all Eagles and U.S.A. Rugby news in one location. It is brought to you everyday by Rugby Marketplace, your independent rugby store

National Teams/MLR/ODAs:

The Girl's High School All-American 7s team is getting good time at the Tropical 7s.


The latest TIAR College Top Ten Power Rankings are out. There are going to be some big head to head matches the next few weeks.

Several DI club races are coming down to the wire. We check in with the action in the West and the East.

The Austin Huns will take on the Glendale Raptors in a big MRC match-up on Saturday.

A couple of Western matches will round out the first round of the DI-A playoffs this weekend.

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The St. Joe's Hawks continue to see local 7s success as are Furman.

Jake Feury says that concussions are changing the college game.

The Beltway Elite 7s are a new D.C.-area 7s specialist team.

Jackie Finlan has more on college 7s as well as DI club play.


The Canadian 7s team is glad they are healthy heading into Singapore

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