Monday, April 10, 2017

DI-A Playoff Teams Announced

The teams contesting the DI-A playoffs have been announced. Favorites Life, Lindenwood, and BYU are all there along the likes of Arizona, Air Force, Utah, Indiana, and San Diego State. Opening round matches hae either already been held or will be held on April 15th.

Two of the opening round matches have already been held due to a couple of scheduling coincidences. Colorado State and BYU met last weekend and would have met on the 15th but in order to save cost they used last weekend's result. BYU won 93-3. Similarly, the Lindenwood-Davenport match doubled as an opening round match with Lindenwood winning 36-14. Other first round matches will be Utah and San Diego State and Arizona at Air Force.

The wins by BYU and Lindenwood mean that the Cougars will head to Indiana for their quarterfinal and Lindenwood will go to Life. That's a tough match-up for four of the favorite teams to win the tournament. St. Mary's will host either SDSU or Utah while Baylor will host Air Force or Arizona.

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First Round

BYU 93-3 Colorado State
Lindenwood 36-14 Davenport
Utah at San Diego State
Arizona at Air Force


SDSU/Utah at St. Mary's
AF/Arizona at Baylor
BYU at Indiana
Lindenwood at Life


SDSU/Utah/St. Mary's vs. AF/Arizona/Baylor
BYU/Indiana vs. Lindenwood/Life

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