Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dallas Reds Win Rugby Gold Cup

The Dallas Reds have won the second edition of the Rugby Gold Cup after a pair of results over the weekend. The Gold Cup once again played back to back double-headers as they moved north to Minneapolis. The Reds had a lead heading into the weekend and after a 25-25 draw with Metropolis on day one they sealed the title. They also had a 22-21 win over the Chicago Griffins on day two to ensure they finished first. There is still one more match in the competition as the Reds will play the Austin Blacks in Red River play but the Blacks can't catch the Reds.

The first match of the weekend saw the Austin Blacks beat the Chicago Griffins 50-5. That was the biggest result on a weekend in which the rest of the scores were fairly close. The last match saw Metropolis beat the Austin Blacks 32-29. A late try from Jerome Strother gave Metropolis the win.

Dallas (4-0-1)--21 pts
Metropolis (3-2-1)--19 pts
Austin Blacks (2-3-0)--13 pts
Chicago Griffins (1-5-0)--6 pts

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