Monday, March 20, 2017

Women Eagles To Play Stars As RWC Preparation

The Women Eagles have planned one more Rugby World Cup send-off match as they will take on the Stars in July in Chula Vista. For those who aren't aware, the Stars are an invitational side that have mostly played in 7s tournaments but have also branched out to 15s where they have played the likes of Life. The Women Eagles have only two matches against Canada lined up in just a few weeks so getting a match against the Stars will help them prepare for Ireland. It is entirely possible that more friendlies are scheduled as well before the start of the World Cup. 

The Eagles are in Pool B at the World Cup with England, Italy, and Spain. The current champions England will be very tough to beat but the Eagles have the capability of keeping it close. Italy finished at the bottom of the Six Nations this year and Spain are a team the U.S. should beat as well. Overall it's a very positive draw for the Eagles and if they can get scorelines to go their way they could find themselves in the top four.