Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Video Highlights: Indiana vs. Penn State


  1. The difference in the events in Bloomington and Berkley speaks volumes. The Pacific Coast and Western Universities devote more resources to the tuition paying scholar athletes.

  2. No argument there. However, the real problem isn't the disparity in video quality from the west coast teams and rest of country teams. It's the fact that 2 highlight videos out of say 30 matches were produced. Where is the Lindenwood Life match? Or Navy Army? It's a complete failure from the top of USA rugby to the bottom college programs that highlight videos are nonexistent. For example, USA XV just won their only trophy ever after a historic 5 game winning streak. There's no highlight reel of that. Only the entire match, which only diehard fans would watch after knowing the result. The metric of success needs to be highlight videos to matches. Once there is 100% rate then you look at view counts and how to grow that. Once you're in the 10K+ range per video now you try to talk to advertisers. 6 years since this labor of love and nothing has changed. Until someone wakes up, fans, alumni, and possible future players (from high school to college) will have to rely on twitter feeds and match recaps. What a joke.