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Vegas 7s: Scores and News

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Men's Eagles

The Eagles have finished in third.

Samoa 5-26 Eagles (recap here)
Chile 0-31 Eagles (recap here)
England 24-17 Eagles (recap here)

Quarterfinals: Argentina 19-21 Eagles (recap here)
Semi-finals: South Africa 20-17 Eagles (recap here)
3rd/4th: New Zealand 15-19 Eagles (recap here)

Women's Eagles

Ireland 24-21 Eagles (recap here)
Spain 7-24 Eagles (recap here)
Fiji 7-14 Eagles (recap here)

Quarterfinal: U.S. 20-12 Ireland (recap here)
Semi-final: U.S. 7-12 New Zealand (recap here)
3rd/4th: U.S. 7-31 Canada (recap here)

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CRC Qualifer

Lindenwood are the champions after beating Clemson 29-0. 

Lindenwood and Central Washington are expected to be the favorites. Our preview here.

The quarterfinalists are: Lindenwood vs. Lindenwood-Belleville, New England College vs. Notre Dame College, Central Washington vs. Dixie State, Clemson vs. Santa Clara. A full recap of day one, with scores, can be found here.

Quarterfinal Results:

Lindenwood 40-12 Lindenwood-Belleville
Notre Dame College 32-14 New England College
Clemson 21-5 Santa Clara
CWU 21-12 Dixie State


Lindenwood 40-0 Notre Dame College
Clemson 19-17 Central Washington

A recap of the quarterfinals and semi-finals is here.

Pool A: Central Washington, Buffalo, Tulane, Georgetown
Pool B: Notre Dame College, Harvard, Colgate, Millersville
Pool C: Lindenwood, St. Bonaventure, Colorado, UNLV
Pool D: Wheeling Jesuit, Utah Valley, Northeastern, Dixie State
Pool E: James Madison, Clemson, Michigan State, Montana State
Pool F: Lindenwood-Belleville, Santa Clara, Western Michigan, College of Idaho
Pool G: Grand Canyon, New England College, Utah State, Colorado State-Pueblo

Men's Elite

Australian feeder team Tribe beat the Serevi Selects in extra time in the final. 

No Falcons for this one but there are some top domestic teams and international competition. Preview here.

The teams we expected to do well--Germany, the Northeast Academy, and Denver--are doing well. Day one recap here.

Quarterfinals Results:

Denver 28-14 Selects
Tribe 21-14 Northeast Academy
Germany 30-12 Borelli Walsh
Tiger 5-26

Cup semi-finals:

Denver 12-14 Tribe
Serevi 17-12 Germany

A complete recap of day two can be found here.

Pool A: Germany, APX Fiji Blond, Air Force, Misfits
Pool B: Northeast Academy, Tama Laie Lions, The Selects, West Indies
Pool C: Denver 7s, Black Dragon, Borelli Walsh Selects, Air Force 2
Pool D: Froggies Midol, Serevi Selects, Tribe, Oxfam Crusaders
Pool E: Atlantis, Tiger 1823, Florida ODA, Stars

Women's Elite

This bracket is full of players trying to make it to the World Cup this summer.  Preview here.

Through two rounds we nearly have our quarterfinals. Day one recap here.

Pool A: Falcons, Arukas Queen, Florida ODA, Stars Blue
Pool B: Maple Leafs, Northeast Academy, Tribe, Phoenix 7s
Pool C: Atavus, Stars Red, San Diego Surfers, WR Ravens
Pool D: Scion Sirens, Team Quebec, Air Force, OPEN

Men's Aces

Deep again. Preview here.

Some scores from day one.

Pool A: Humless, Team Quebec, Arctic Legion, Titans Hawaii
Pool B: Army, Mana Rugby, West Valley Lions, Legacy Rugby
Pool C: Upright Rugby, Denver 7s, New Orleans 7s, N&J
Pool D: BC Rugby, Atlanta Old White, Bridge City, Hooligans Selects
Pool E: Chicago Lions, The Selects, Cowrie 7s, PNRFU Loggers

Boy's Elite

Preview here.

Girl's Elite

Preview here.

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