Thursday, March 16, 2017

Utah Opts Out Of Varsity Cup

The University of Utah has elected to pull out of this year's Varsity Cup with less than a month before the competition begins. The Utes have played in both the Varsity Cup and the DI-A playoffs the last few years but this year will focus on the DI-A playoffs. The move should save Utah money (they were scheduled to travel to Navy in the opening round) and help with congestion as the team nears the end of the semester. With the withdrawal of the Utes and the early withdrawal of BYU that leaves no Utah team in the tournament. The final has been held in Utah every year since inception.

How this impacts the Varsity Cup bracket remains to be seen. As mentioned, the Utes were scheduled to play Navy on April 8th in the opening round with the winner moving on to play Central Washington. There is additional uncertainly surrounding Arizona State who have not fulfilled fixtures in recent weeks. If they can't play then that will leave UCLA without an opening round opponent. With only weeks before its start having a least one team pull out, possibly two, isn't good.


  1. The Varsity Cup doesn't seem sustainable. There is also no real competition other than between 3-4 teams.

  2. Stick a fork in the Varsity Cup. This is the last year for this sorry competition (from a very good source). This will be a great outcome for collegiate rugby and cannot come soon enough.