Friday, March 31, 2017

TIAR College Top Ten Power Rankings

Coming off a strong weekend in college rugby in which some of the top teams faced off there are changes in this week's rankings. St. Mary's moves up as does Central Washington and San Diego State.

1. Life (Last Week: 1, beat Lindenwood 32-10): We say it week after week but Life continue to get better as the spring goes on. The latest was their solid win over Lindenwood on the road. Life's road to the DI-A final should be pretty straightforward but if they do face challenges they will have to feel good having come through the Mid-South relatively unscathed. Up next: Davenport

2. St. Mary's (LW: 4, beat Cal 27-24): The Gaels were extremely impressive in one of the best college matches in recent years. The Gaels have had a yo-yo season with some disappointing results but also with some massive results. Their win over Cal was the biggest yet. Now as they head into their spring tour they have plenty of momentum as they prep for the playoffs. Up next: Spring Tour

3. BYU (LW: 3, lost to the Glendale Raptors 41-39): Losing to the Raptors for the second time this season is nothing to be embarrassed about. The Raptors have a number of Eagles on their roster and that BYU was able to nearly get a win is a positive. We debated putting them above St. Mary's but the Gaels win over Cal was that impressive. Up next: Central Washington

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4. Cal (LW: 2, lost to St. Mary's 27-24): Cal have had some big tests so far this spring and St. Mary's was just the latest. Cal will definitely be disappointed that they weren't able to come away with the win when one was in sight. That said, they showed a lot of good play that will serve them well in the Varsity Cup. Up next: Bye

5. Central Washington (LW: 6, beat UVic 31-29): The Wildcats continued to take on local Pacific Northwest competition and they continued to come up with wins. UVic are a good team that produce players for the Canadian national team to beat them is a good sign for the Wildcats. They will have another opportunity to try and beat BYU today. Up next: BYU

6. Lindenwood (LW: 5, lost to Life 32-10): The Lions won't be disappointed to lose to Life but they will be disappointed they weren't able to hold on in the second half. If Lindenwood are going to make noise in the playoffs they need to put together better results. Up next: Clemson

7. San Diego State (LW: 8, Bye): The Aztecs move up this week after Penn State fall. We've said it earlier but if there is a sleeper team this year it could be the Aztecs. Up next: Bye

8. Army (LW: 9, beat Navy 24-18): Now with a handful of spring matches under their belt Army seems to be playing well. Up next: Bye

9. Arkansas State (LW: 10, beat Clemson 76-24): The Red Wolves may be another sleeper this year. They haven't been able to beat some of the top tier schools but they have the talent. Up next: Bye

10. Indiana (LW: NR, beat Penn State 29-19): Indiana pulled off an impressive win over Penn State who had been playing well in the spring so far. Up next: Notre Dame

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