Wednesday, March 22, 2017

TIAR College Top Ten Power Rankings

Photo Credit: Ryan Turner
There is just a little movement in our rankings this week as Central Washington and Lindenwood swap places. Also, San Diego State moves up at the expense of Army. This week looks to be big as #1 Life play #5 Lindenwood and #2 Cal play #4 St. Mary's.

1. Life (Last Week: 1, beat Clemson 81-12): Life continue to be on track to defend their DI-A title. So far they have come through the Mid-South unscathed and are looking more confident as spring presses on. There are just a few weeks left before the playoffs and they are going to face their biggest test yet as they travel to Lindenwood. Up next: Lindenwood

2. Cal (LW: 2, bye): The Bears had the week off after three played three matches the week before. They are also coming on at the right time. Although their losses to UBC will be disappointing at the same time they were great preparation for taking it into another gear. They also face a big test this week as they host St. Mary's. In some years this would be a unofficial match for a national championship and if St. Mary's wins the DI-A title and Cal win the Varsity Cup it could be again this year. Up next: St. Mary's

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3. BYU (LW: 3, beat Central Washington 46-24): The Cougars seem to have found a groove after some early season struggled. They have now beaten St. Mary's (they also lost to the Gaels) and Central Washington, two of the best teams in the country. It wasn't perfect in either match but they still look strong. Up next: Glendale Raptors

4. St. Mary's (LW: 4, bye): St. Mary's had the week off to get ready for their big match against Cal. This one is going to be fun. Up next: Cal

5. Lindenwood (LW: 6, beat Memphis 91-3): Another convincing win for Lindenwood even though it didn't come against the toughest opponent. Up next: Life

6. Central Washington (LW: 5, lost to BYU 46-24): It's probably unfair to drop the Wildcats down after losing to BYU. The Cougars and the Wildcats have developed a pretty strong rivalry over the past few years and CWU has been edging closer and closer to top tier status. However, last Saturday showed they still have some work to do. Up next: UVic

7. Penn State (LW: 7, Bye): Penn State had a bye as they returned from spring break. Their momentum gained from their strong trip will be test against Indiana this week. Up next: Indiana

8. San Diego State (LW: 10, beat Army 22-15): The Aztecs continue to impress with a good win over Army. They may be the sleeper team of the year. They only have a couple more matches until the playoffs. Up next: Bye

9. Army (LW: 8, lost to SDSU 22-15, beat UCLA 45-19): Maybe it was cobwebs against SDSU but against UCLA Army were out running. They can be one of the most dangerous teams in the country if they pull it together but with just a short time period before the playoffs they have a task in front of them. Up next: Navy

10. Arkansas State (LW: 9, beat Davenport 33-9): The Red Wolves may also be a sleeper team. They have similar had some good results in the spring with the latest a win over Davenport. They will close out Mid-South play against Clemson. Up next: Clemson

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