Thursday, March 2, 2017

TIAR College Top Ten Power Rankings

Not much change in this week's rankings. Most teams are gearing up for a huge March that could impact where they stand.

1. St. Mary's (Last Week: 1, beat Cal Poly 94-7): St. Mary's put up another big win, this time over Cal Poly. The solid work St. Mary's have been putting in since last fall is paying off with good results now. March is going to be a big month for them with matches up against BYU and Cal coming up. Up next: SDSU

2. Cal (LW: 2, bye): Cal had the weekend off as they get ready to head to British Columbia to take on UBC in the second leg of the World Cup. If they can reverse their previous loss then they could reclaim the top spot. Up next: UBC

3. Life (LW: 3, beat Lindenwood 24-18): The Running Eagles faced their most difficult test of the season as they took on the Lions of Lindenwood. It wasn't easy and using home field advantage they came away with the win. Lindenwood asked questions of Life that will have to be answered as they go along. Up next: Davenport

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4. BYU (LW: 4, beat Colorado 84-0, beat Air Force 77-15): BYU had their best weekend of the year so far with a running of the table in Colorado. They are going to need more performances like that as they enter a big month, just like the rest of the top college teams. It really is a make or break month for the Cougars. Up next: Bye

5. Central Washington (LW: 5, Bye): The Wildcats had a bye as they prep for Vegas this weekend. They have strong ambitions to qualify for the CRC and with Vegas being relatively wide open they stand a good shot. Up next: Vegas 7s

6. Lindenwood (LW: 6, lost to Life 24-18): The lions suffered their second loss of the season that they would like to have back. The Lions hurt themselves with some penalties they would like to have back and they will be looking forward to the rematch in Missouri. Up next: Vegas 7s

7. Penn State (LW: 7, bye): The Nittany Lions had the week off from what has been a busy and tough pre-season. They head off to Europe for spring break next week for a strong of good challenges. Up next: tour of Scotland 

8. Army (LW: 8, pre-season): Army are still in pre-season.

9. Arkansas State (LW: NR, beat Indiana 46-23): Arkansas State have had some ups and downs so far but they sure seemed to turn it on against Indiana. That pushes them back into our rankings. Up next: Lindenwood

10. Indiana (LW: 9, lost to Arkansas State 46-23): Indiana had their first real hit out of the spring and they showed some rust against the Red Wolves. Up next: Bye

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