Thursday, March 9, 2017

Opening Kick

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National Teams/ODAs:

Our player grades are out for the Eagles against the Argentina XV as well as the Eagles 7s from Vegas.

Joe Taufete'e is earning praise after stepping into the starting line-up for Worcester last minute.

The latest Red, White, and Black Eye podcast is out talking all things Eagles.

With professional rugby a rarity for Tier II countries maybe a World League could help solve the problem.

San Diego will be hosting the Can-Am Series, the only warm-up matches the Eagles have scheduled before the World Cup.

Alex Goff spoke with one of the Falcons ahead of the Vancouver Rugby Festival.

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Dallas are the leaders in the Gold Cup after another round of play.

Rugby Utah has named their Select XV squad. This is only a good development for rugby in America.

The Central Washington women's team will be playing at the Vancouver Rugby Festival while the men will play Tacoma.

Several players from Tennessee had a good time at the LVI.

Alex Goff speculates on the DI-A and DI-AA playoffs, as well as more on Penn State.


It's looking more and more likely that the summer internationals will be moving to July.

England have named their team for the weekend as have Scotland and France.

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