Friday, March 17, 2017

Opening Kick

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National Teams/ODAs:

World Rugby has a new global calendar and it is going to have an impact on the Eagles.

The latest Red, White, and Black Eye podcast is out talking all things Eagles.


Utah have dropped out of the Varsity Cup leaving no more teams from the Beehive State.

The latest TIAR College Top Ten Power Rankings are out with a new number one.

Army started their spring season with a win over UCLA.

Atavus is in Bermuda where Serevi says the island has potential.

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Luke Markovich has been named the new head coach of the Notre Dame College women's team.

Jackie Finlan checks in with the Red River and Augusta.

Alex Solomon has more on some of the women's college teams spending their spring break overseas.

Rugby in Mississippi is getting more local press.


Both Stade Francais and Racing have cancelled their matches for this weekend. 

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