Friday, March 10, 2017

Opening Kick

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National Teams/ODAs:

Mike Friday hasn't made any changes to his team for the Vancouver 7s.
Matt Trenary, the stats master, has his prediction of the pools in Vancouver.


U.S. teams didn't have a great day on the first day of play at the Vancouver Rugby Festival. Here is who is representing America.

This weekend's Arkansas State-Clemson match has been cancelled. Also in the Mid-South Davenport plays Lindenwood.

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Alex Goff previews the big match between St. Mary's and BYU.

Several college teams are gearing up for 7s in Bermuda. More teams are spending spring break overseas.

The SIRC All-Stars will make their debut against Life.


After a fall in the World Rugby rankings Rugby Canada want their team to be treated like Argentina.

Scotland have named their team to face England

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  1. The ARC isn't supposed to be developmental in the sense of sending your "A" squad. It is developmental in that teams are getting 5 additional matches for players to develop and build cohesion. If Canada are going to send their A side just change the entire tournament back to all non-test matches. Frankly, Argentina send their Xv because their test team or Jaguars players would flat out embarrass all the other teams. Could you imagine the full Pumas playing Chile and Brazil? It would be 100+ points! Canada need to suck it up and play better. When Brazil beat the USA last year, USAR didn't come out and say we shouldn't be playing test matches. We worked on developing players and putting systems into place. A year later, the US won the ARC. Step up Canada.